Ron Harden, KB5HGM
Greetings. My name is Ron Harden, KB5HGM. It is my privilege to be serving as the West Texas Section Manager

I have been licensed since 1984 and currently hold an Extra Class License. I have served as an Assistant Section Manager, ARES EC, and was the ACC for West Texas. I have also served as the President of the Key City Amateur Radio Club in Abilene. Why did I want to be the Section Manager? It’s about helping Hams and their Clubs.

The Section Manager (SM) is responsible for making the Field Appointments for the ARRL in West Texas. The Field Appointments is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you, the individual Hams, get your assistance, advice, education, legislative help, legal help, insurance and whole host of other services from the ARRL. The SM is the person who goes out and finds the people that are willing to be the resource for a specific area of our great hobby. For the local clubs; the SM is the person that can help with resources, contacts and ideas.

The Section Manager also, when asked to, may act as a liaison between member Hams and clubs and the league. Finding out who to talk to, or who to complain to, when necessary.

The final task, and the most fun, the Section Manager gets to recognize Hams who have excelled in some area of the hobby!

Ham Radio is growing in both numbers and technology, the Section Manager can be a great resource for clubs and individuals wanting to be a part of that growth. I want to be that resource for our section.

Have a question? An idea? A gripe? Want to volunteer? Email me at KB5HGM@gmail.com or call me at 325-854-1982

Thanks es 73