Subject: Monthly Section Emergency Coordinator Report : Website Automated Form
ARRL Section: WTX
Month: APRIL
Year: 2016
Total number of ARES members: 140
Change since last month (+, -, same): +7
Number of DECs/ECs reporting this month: 10
Number of ARES nets active: 24
Number of nets with NTS liaison: 9
Calls of DECs/ECs reporting: KB5JXD, KE5NYB, KE5GRQ, KE5YF, K5LQN, NL7C, KG5BPY, KF5WDJ, WA5ROE, K5MSI

Number of drills, tests and training sessions this month: 42
Person hours: 209
Number of public service events this month: 2
Person hours: 135
Number of emergency operations this month: 4
Person Hours: 132
Total number of ARES operations this month: 55
Total Person hours: 474
Comments: Skywarn was activated several times in April.  El Paso County conducted two digital exercises.  A two day bike race was supported by several county ARES groups.
Signature and call sign: H. Dale Durham, W5WI WTS SEC